Anonymous said: where do you get the screencaps you use in your edits?

here you go

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and i know, we go deeper than skin.

yakusokunonatsu said: Do you ship rivetra?(Rivaille x Petra) If not what snk pairing do you ship? 0.0

I’m not shipping things as passionately as people on tumblr in general but I do like them! I also like Ymir/Christa and Annie/Eren quite a lot.



Hello! Few months ago I reached 1,000 followers and I made nothing special, for which I apologize (shame on me).

First, I want to thank all my followers. For me you’re the best. No matter how many fandoms I’ve changed during 3 years of my blogging here, you are following me. I thank you for that.

Secondly, thank you to all of the blogs which make my dash bright, interesting and beautiful. You’re perfect, seriously.  A small part of you are my friends (italic). Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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Anonymous said: do you take all your caps for edits yourself?

lmao i don’t remember how many times i answered this but no, most of the time i just look around for caps, when i really don’t find what i want i take them myself

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oobayashi-deactivated20130727 said: Beautiful your stuff ^^

thank you darling ♥

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